Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Objetivo

HYPOFARMA respects the privacy of all holders of personal data, and is therefore committed to taking all possible measures to ensure the protection of personal data processed, in accordance with current legislation.  

It is HYPOFARMA's policy to respect your privacy in relation to any personal information that we may collect or use in order to provide our products and services.

This Data Protection and Privacy Policy was created to demonstrate HYPOFARMA's commitment to the privacy and security of personal information and applies to the activities of processing personal data of customers and potential customers, as well as visitors to our website. 

2. Who is the controller of personal data?

Under current legislation, the controller is the agent responsible for decisions regarding the processing of personal data. HYPOFARMA will be the controller of personal data within the scope of the relationship established with the data subject. 

3. What personal data is processed?

HYPOFARMA collects all personal data entered or actively forwarded by the holder when contacting us through access to the website. 

Regardless of the personal data provided, HYPOFARMA will only use those effectively relevant and necessary to achieve the purposes declared to it in the data collection.

In providing our services, HYPOFARMA may, within the limits permitted by applicable law, have access to and process a large repertoire of personal data or even personal data of others involved in a particular negotiation, depending on its purpose. 

Some examples of personal data that HYPOFARMA may process are: 

1. Identification, qualification and contact data: full name; birth date; email address; telephone number; 

HYPOFARMA may collect this information in different ways, such as directly with the Data Subject, with someone related to the data subject (for example, the company that the Data Subject belongs to) or from publicly accessible sources. Regardless of the origin of the data, the treatment will be governed by current legislation, following the provisions of this Policy.
As a rule, we do not process personal data from children (under 12 years old) or adolescents (people between 12 and 18 years old), but we may, from time to time, process information, including personal data, from children or adolescents. Whenever we become aware that a child's personal data needs to be processed, we will make reasonable efforts to ensure compliance with current legislation.

Occasionally, we may also process sensitive data (related to racial or ethnic origin, religious belief, political opinion, membership of a trade union or organization of a religious, philosophical or political nature, data relating to health or sex life, genetic or biometric data) within the scope of the purposes described in this Policy. The processing of this data will be restricted and HYPOFARMA will only carry out it in accordance with the provisions of current legislation.. 

4. What are the purposes of collecting and processing personal data?

HYPOFARMA may use your personal data to comply with legal/regulatory obligations, to guarantee the company's property security and physical integrity, to safeguard its legitimate interests, as well as for the regular exercise of rights in judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings. 

5. s there the sharing of personal data?

HYPOFARMA shares your personal data only in cases where sharing is essential.

All third parties with whom we share personal data are subject to minimumsecurity requirements, related to technical, administrative and organizational measures to ensure the proper and secure treatment of your personal data. 

HYPOFARMA may share personal data: 

With partner companies, suppliers, correspondents, technicians, external accounting, law firms, auditors, notaries
Providers of software, cloud hosting services and other information technologies for the purposes of managing your relationship with our company, registration, documentation, provision of our services and other measures; 
With authorities, government entities or other institutional third parties, to protect the interests of HYPOFARMA in any type of conflict, including lawsuits and administrative proceedings;
In the case of transactions and corporate changes involving HYPOFARMA, in which the transfer of information will be necessary for the provision of our services. 
By court order or at the request of administrative, judicial or police authorities that have legal competence for the request.

6. By court order or at the request of administrative, judicial or police authorities that have legal competence for the request

HYPOFARMA adopts appropriate governance practices and technical measures to protect Personal Data against: (i) threats or risks to privacy, security, integrity and/or confidentiality; (ii) accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access; (iii) any other illegal forms of treatment; and (iv) security or privacy incidents.

Access to information is restricted to employees and authorized persons. Those who misuse this information, in violation of this Policy, will be subject to applicable legal and disciplinary sanctions. 

Although HYPOFARMA aims to adopt the best efforts in order to preserve privacy and protect the personal data collected and used, no exchange of information is completely secure. If you have any concerns or suspects that your Personal Data is at risk, for example if someone has had unauthorized access to your Personal Data, please contact us immediately. In any case, in the remote hypothesis of occurrence of episodes of this nature, HYPOFARMA undertakes to make every effort to remedy the consequences of such incidents.

7. Personal data storage and retention period

HYPOFARMA will store and keep your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the information is processed. 

In addition, personal data may be kept for compliance with legal or regulatory obligations, transfer to a third party - provided that the requirements provided for by law are respected - and exclusive use by HYPOFARMA, in accordance with current legislation, including for the exercise of its rights, in judicial or administrative proceedings.

Personal data may be deleted after the fulfillment of the purposes for which the information is processed and is no longer necessary to fulfill any regular exercise of our rights, to comply with any legal/regulatory obligation directed at HYPOFARMA or when the Owner requests its deletion, unless law expressly authorizes the maintenance of the data.

8. Exercises of the owner's rights

HYPOFARMA respects and guarantees to the Holder the possibility of submitting requests regarding the processing of personal data, based on the rights in current legislation, in particular those provided for in the LGPD, namely: (i) confirmation of treatment; (ii) access; (iii) correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data; (iv) anonymization, blocking or deletion; (v) portability; (vi) elimination; (vii) sharing information; (viii) information about the possibility of not providing consent and about the consequences of denial; (ix) revocation of your consent, if we have requested this from you; and (x) right to petition the National Data Protection Agency (NDPA).
The Owner must also be aware that the request for deletion or alteration of data may be rejected - provided that the requirements provided for by law are respected - either for formal or legal reasons and, in this case, HYPOFARMA will present its reasonable justifications for such refusal, such as, for example, when the provision of information may reveal any of HYPOFARMA's business secrets or due to compliance with any legal/regulatory obligation or to allow HYPOFARMA to defend itself in any judicial or administrative proceeding. 

9. Cookies Policy  

HYPOFARMA may use “Cookies” (files or information that may be stored on your devices when visiting a website or using an online service) when browsing and using our website. The Cookies used are for storage, traffic control, page personalization and registration of user preferences on the website. 

“Cookies” are used by HYPOFARMA to make the website work more efficiently, and so that we can keep track of certain statistical data that help to improve our website, in addition to providing information that may eventually help generate visitor data and/or communication, including operations aimed at marketing the company 

These records may include data such as the visitor's IP address, actions taken on the website, pages accessed, dates and times of access, information about the device used, operating system version, browser, among other installed applications. 

When using our website for the first time, you acknowledge the use of "Cookies" in accordance with the conditions described herein, through the pop-up that may appear on the screen. 

Although this notice does not appear on subsequent visits, at any time the visitor to our website may revoke their authorization for the use of cookies, using the settings of their preferred browser. However, we warn that, according to the choice made, certain features may not work as ideally expected.

10. Third party websites

As a feature of our website, we may provide links to other websites on the internet. HYPOFARMA is not responsible for these websites and content, and also does not share, subscribe, monitor, validate or accept the way in which these websites or content storage tools collect, process and transfer your personal and private information. 

We recommend that you consult the respective privacy policies of such

11. Data Protection Officer (DPO)

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is the person responsible for acting as a communication channel between HYPOFARMA, holders and the National Data. 

In case of doubt, suggestion or request involving the processing of personal data by HYPOFARMA, contact our Person in Charge - DPO by email:

12. Applicable legislation

This Policy was prepared to comply with Federal Law No. 13,709/2018 (General Personal Data Protection Law) and Federal Law No. 12,965/2014 (Marco Civil da Internet), without prejudice to compliance with the other applicable laws for HYPOFARMA. 

13. Changes and Technical Data 

HYPOFARMA reserves the right to change this Data Protection and Privacy Policy at any time, by publishing the updated version on our website. 

Document Version: 01 - 08/26/2021